Welcome to WASPI – Women Against State Pension Inequality.

It’s now 2016 and unbelievably, inequality still exists in the workplace. In 2012, a woman named Anne Keen started a campaign in response to a letter she received from the DWP informing her that her State Pension Age had been increased by 3 years 8 months and 6 days. She received this letter 13 months before her expected retirement date. This petition was the catalyst in the formation of WASPI.

WASPI is an action group that was formed by five ordinary women who are personally affected by the changes to the State Pension Age and wanted to do something to address this injustice.

The 1995 Conservative Government’s Pension Act included plans to increase women’s State Pension Age to 65, the same as men’s. Women Against State Pension Inequality (WASPI), agree with equalisation, but don’t agree with the unfair way the changes were implemented – with little/no personal notice (1995/2011 Pension Acts), faster than promised (2011 Pension Act), and no time to make alternative plans. Retirement plans have been shattered with devastating consequences.

To cut a long story short, the idea of WASPI was conceived in April 2015 when a couple of WASPI’s founding members met with Chris Shaw who runs his own media relations company and was very interested in supporting the cause – it was he who suggested the formation of an action group.

WASPI sprang into action prior to the General Election – attending local election debates, taking part in radio interviews, writing and meeting our MP’s, contacting newspapers, posting on Social Media and now they have made a WASPI Choir Song, which was covered on BBC Midlands and National News just a couple of days ago, Sunday.

You can see it here..

The media have also covered the campaign extensively and there’s been numerous articles written in local papers. WASPI are in regular contact with members of the Shadow Cabinet, the SNP and Conservative MP’s. They support the campaign

How can we help?

We can support this campaign by signing the petition and by donating any spare change to help the WASPI action group. The money raised via CrowdFunding is funding a barrister to research information that we have provided. She will then assess the possibility of a legal challenge.

Here are all the links you may need to actively support the WASPI group.





We are proud supporters of the WASPI campaign and you can now get your official WASPI sashes from our website with the following link.

Support the movement of the new Suffragettes!


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Apollo 10 Astronauts Heard ‘Music’ On Far Side Of The Moon

Astronauts sent on a mission to the moon were so baffled by their encounter with ‘space-type’ music, they were unsure on whether or not to even inform NASA of their experience.

A couple of months before Neil Armstrong’s historic 1969 landing, astronauts were sent to orbit the moon as a “dress rehearsal” for the first moon landing.

While the crew of Apollo 10 were on the far side of the moon, they were out of range of Earthly radio transmissions for about an hour

Everyone on Earth thought the mission went flawlessly, but those aboard the capsule knew something weird had happened.

Their radio transmission was recorded so it could be listened to later on. NASA transcribed them and buried them.

Four decades later, the recordings from the dark side of the moon have now been uncovered.

“You hear that? That whistling sound?” one of the crew members asks.

Another astronaut says: “It sounds like, you know, outer space-type music.”

“Well, that sure is weird music,” his companion agrees.

In the upcoming third season of NASA’s Unexplained Files, astronaut Al Worden says: “The Apollo 10 crew was very used to the kind of noise that they should be hearing. Logic tells me that if there was something recorded on there, then there was something there.”

The show takes a look at possible explanations, such as magnetic field or atmosphere interfering with radio signals. But experts say the moon has no magnetic field or enough atmosphere to cause such a strange music-like sound.

The origins of this ‘music’ will, for now, remain a mystery. And no, it wasn’t Justin Bieber.

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Mayweather Leaves Giant Tip While in the UK

One of the most hated icons in sport is Floyd Mayweather, all you need to do is look at the comments on his social media posts to realise that the majority of the public on the internet do not like him in the slightest, from a personal point of view, he does seem quite stuck up

The unbeaten champion was in Cannock delivering an after-dinner speech. He decided to use Birmingham-based luxury car firm Phantom Hire to get him and his 24-strong entourage from A to B.

Mayweather and his squad were whisked to Birmingham VIP shisha lounge Arabian Nights in six Rolls Royce Phantoms before heading to Birmingham Airport at 5am.

Team Mayweather must have been very pleased with the service they were given because the company were tipped £1,200. That might be a drop in the ocean to the boxer, but it was a sweet £200 bonus for each of the drivers.

One of the drivers, Mazhar, told The Mirror: “He was a very, very humble person, a very nice man. I’d read he wasn’t the best tipper, but that must be wrong.

“It’s not the biggest individual tip I’ve received, but it was a fantastic gesture.

“He told one of his entourage to hand the money to each driver.”

Fair play, Mayweather.

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Mcdonald’s Trial New Breakfast Sandwich

With many fast food lovers still mourning the loss of the Big Breakfast, McDonald’s has decided to trial a pretty bizarre new breakfast sandwich and it could be coming to a restaurant near you.

The ‘Chicken McGriddle’ is made up of chicken and pancake and contains 410 calories and 16 grams of fat. Yes, chicken for breakfast.

The weird sandwich is now on trial at 11 restaurants in the US and then McDonald’s will decide on whether or not they should roll it out all over the world.

Customers in Ohio tried it first after an employee pitched the idea to bosses of the fast food giant.

The inventor, Brian Mortellaro, told Columbus Business First: “It’s a chicken-and-waffles taste.

“I just think that’s something that isn’t out there right now.”

The new item will be on sale until March 27th and if it’s a success, you can expect it to cost around £1.50 in the UK.

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Why is 13 Unlucky?

The phobia of the number even has a name, known as Triskaidekaphobia. There are a number of reasons as to why the number is perceived to be unlucky so here they are:

  • The Last Supper: At Jesus Christ’s last supper, there were thirteen people around the table, counting Christ and the twelve apostles. Some believe this is unlucky because the thirteenth disciple was Judas Iscariot, the man who betrayed Christ.
  • Knights Templar: On Friday 13 October 1307, King Philip IV of France ordered the arrest of the Knights Templar, most of the knights were tortured into giving false confessions and then burned at the stake.
  • Torture: Traditionally, there would be 13 steps leading up to the gallows. Which is bad because it meant you were about to be hanged.
  • Apollo: Apollo 13 was the only unsuccessful moon mission.
  • There’s an old superstition that says if you have 13 letters in your name, you’re bound to have the devil’s luck. Silly, yes, but slightly more convincing when you consider that Charles Manson, Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer, Theodore Bundy and Albert De Salvo all contain 13 letters
  •  Friday, October 13, 1972, was a bad day in the history of aviation. That’s the day that Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571 infamously crashed in the Andes, killing 29 people. On the exact same day, 174 people were killed when a Soviet Aeroflot crashed in a lake about a kilometer from the runway.

If you keep digging, you will find many more reasons as to why the number is feared. E.G: Children become teenagers at the age of 13 and all teenagers are from hell.

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Anthony Joshua’s next Fight will be a Title Fight!

Anthony Joshua – tipped to become one of the UKs greatest boxers with a large amount of potential – might not be world champion yet, but after beating long running rival Dillian Whyte towards the end of last year, he has earned a shot at the IBF World Heavyweight title, going head to head with Charles Martin, the current champion. Get April the 9th booked into your diaries people!

O2 Arena Boxing

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Snapchat Tips!

Snapchat is great for chatting away with friends and is more fun to use than just the usual text messages! It lets you broadcast to all your friends all at once and send pictures quickly and easily.

However, it seems snapchat is the main culprit for loss of battery AND data usage too, many times I have run out of monthly data on my capped contract due to the amount of Snapchats I send, I dread to think what my bill would be if my contract wasn’t capped! The point being, as much as we all love Snapchat, it’s eating away at our data and battery.

Thankfully, there is a setting within snapchat that may help with these issues, and not everyone seems to know about it!

According to, the key to saving your phone is the ‘Travel Mode’ feature. By switching it on, snaps and stories only load when you tap on them, meaning the app doesn’t automatically waste all your data.

It’s simple enough to do…

  1. Open the app and click on the red ‘Settings’ gear icon in the corner…
  2. Scroll to Additional Services and click Manage…
  3. Then just tap the Travel Mode feature…
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Teacher Takes On Student In A Rap Battle

Teacher Takes On Student In A Rap Battle

Not every day do you see teachers with a sense of humour who are willing to have a laugh with all the students. Watch this video which shows just how fun(ny) teachers can be. (make sure your volume is lowered, there is a lot of screaming.)

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Woman is Convinced she is a Cat

There are a lot of weird people in the world – I discover this from ‘My Strange Addiction’ –  but we’ve come to accept that, haven’t we? But that doesn’t stop us from being surprised when something really out of the ordinary comes along.

For example, this woman seems to think she’s a cat. And by ‘think’, I don’t mean ‘took half an ounce of ketamine and is telling everyone she’s a cat’, I mean she is fully convinced she was born as the wrong species.


In an interview with NRK P3 Verdens Rikeste Land, a Norwegian news site, Nano talks about how she didn’t discover she wasn’t a human until her late teens. Which is weird, because she is definitely a human. According to Nano, doctors discovered she had a genetic defect when she was born. She has super-sensitive hearing, similar to a feline, and she doesn’t like dogs. So obviously, that makes her a cat.


Unsurprisingly, Nano doesn’t have the physical features of a cat, so she makes up for it by wearing cat ears and a false tail. Weirdly, she’s managed to find a friend who is very similar. His name is Svien and he also has the personality of a cat. However, they differ in the sense that she was ‘born’ a cat, whereas he just thinks he’s a cat.

They communicate through meows and they walk on all fours.

Every day, we stray further from God’s light.

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